This morning, I took a stroll around Central Park before heading over to class at Lincoln Center. I was admiring how nice the weather was for this time of year (almost 60 degrees) when I spotted this Fashionista.

There were so many things that I loved about this Fashionista’s outfit – the way she layered her pieces for the weather, the way she balanced her blacks and taupes and the way she softened her tough biker chic look with a delicate, skinny belt. But my favorite part of her outfit was her leather jacket because it framed her so well and was absolutely perfect for the weather today. Her jacket was also a truly timeless piece and there are so many ways to wear a leather jacket this season. For example, “dressy” leather is in, as well as shearling leather. The leather jacket isn’t just reserved for the biker look anymore. But, nevertheless, it still adds edge to any outfit.

To follow this Fashionista’s example, try pairing this Vince leather biker jacket with a pair of dark skinny jeans. This jacket has a classic shape and the color is a pretty gray that stands out from typical black biker leathers. For a softer, more romantic look, this MICHAEL by Michael Kors jacket looks great paired with ruffled tops. Plus, olive green is a great pseudo-neutral color that’s also popular this season. Leather jackets are also great for weekend looks and can easily be paired with cocktail dresses and stockings. Your options are limitless. As long as you work with pieces that frame your figure, you’ll definitely be able to incorporate a leather jacket into your closet.

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