WEEKEND FORECAST: Let the Sun Shine On

As the sun continues to shine over London, Fashionistas and Fashionistos across the city are taking a break from hectic schedules to enjoy the weather and kick back for a change. I spotted today’s Fashionisto relaxing with his trendy friends at a park. And, I couldn’t help but notice his cool and stylish demeanour.

The Fashionisto sports a laid-back look, combining these green Uniqlo trousers with a trendy cut tank from Primark. He tops it off with white sneaks, which he picked up at a shop in Cornwall, and a trendy pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. The combination of items is ever so simple yet creates a hot, sun friendly look – perfect for a day of chilling at the park.

When dressing down for summer, it’s always important to keep in mind colour choice. Swapping your dark jeans in for a pair of green or brighter coloured trousers is a great way to lighten up. Additionally, paying attention to accessories is always vital in setting the tone of your outfit. In this case, the sunglasses bring out a whole different attitude to the ensemble, making it stand out even more. Sunglasses are generally a great way to spice up an outfit and with the summer finally rolling up, we’ve got loads of types to choose from.

Hint: Summer is the season for dressing down and wearing fewer items, so be sure to make them memorable and stand out!


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