WEEKEND FORECAST: Fashionisto Footwear

Temperatures have officially dropped, and every year I ask myself the same question: what are the Fashionistos wearing on their feet? Most Fashionistos usually go for two options – they either “stomp” around in their Timberland’s or they layer their socks, throw in a foot warming pad, put on their dunks and hope their feet don’t fall off in the winter snow. One option very few Fashionistos opt for is the basic leather boot. They is a more fashionable alternative to having your feet fall off and can definitely add that extra touch to any outfit. Some Fashionistos tend to steer clear of the pants tucked into the boot look, but Fashionistos – it is nothing to fear, and if the look is too adventurous for you, invest in a pair of boots that can fit comfortably under your jeans and maintain your usual style while keeping your feet warm.

Fashionistos are lucky enough to be able to wear their leather boots in both a casual setting during the day and at night as a nicer shoe option. The versatility of the leather boots is the exact reason why Fashionistos definitely need to invest in a pair this fall/winter season. If you’re interested in a sturdier pair set to last you a few seasons I suggest spending a little more and really getting your bang for your buck. Try searching at Barney’s or any other department store – for a more laid back pair try these similar styles from Steve Madden. Either place you look, you’re guaranteed to get a lot of wear our of these leather investments.

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