Happy Friday, Fashionistas!

As I mentioned in last week’s post, it really does look like the end of the winter season for Toronto! All over the UTM campus, the coats are getting lighter – that is, if they’re not being discarded all together! This naturally means that since we’re slowly but surely shedding the layers to hide under, our focus is moving from pretty outerwear and back to what’s underneath – our stylish, student wardrobe. In most cases, this means less attention to big, striking coats and sweaters, and more attention to the details of our clothes now that they’ll be more visible. These ‘details’ can be seen from anything to the different materials, textures, and patterns of the fabrics we wear, down to our favorite accessories which are in style all year round.

This week, the Fashionista (on her way to get her java fix at Starbucks UTM!) below was paying extra attention to the details. Check out that bracelet!

Gold (or metal) chains and leather seem to have always been the exclusive territory of the metalhead and biker-chick stereotypes in our minds, but our Fashionista incorporates the staple rockstar accessory effortlessly to casually jazz up her very chill and laid back outfit. The metallic glow from the gold chains brightens up her look and really pops! against her mellow blue and green plaid shirt, while the black leather woven into the links tastefully subdues the glint of gold, and gives it a bit of a hard, rocker-chick edge that’s striking, and yet still appropriate for school.

The leather and gold chain link bracelet she’s wearing happens to be a vintage belt she borrowed from her mom that’s she’s simply wrapped around her wrist.

Get the look:
CC Skye has a bunch of metal and leather combination bracelets. My favorite one (it looks just like our Fashionista’s!) is the Thompson Double Wrap Bracelet.

Nugaard has its own unique take on the gold and leather bracelet.

Weekends are the best time to show off our own unique style because whether we’re studying, or eating out, or hitting up the club, we’re bound to be around a bunch of people! So whether rocker-chic is your style or not (our Fashionista shows us it goes just as well with our staple lazy-wear), try out the links and leather combo – such a simple way to dress up or dress down depending on the rest of your outfit, but always stylish and eye-catching!

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