As the weather keeps getting colder, it gets easier for us to put creativity aside and simply stick to basics, especially ones that keep us warm and cozy. It seems that leggings and UGGs are cold-weather favorites for Fashionistas, while hoodies and sneakers are the preference for Fashionistos, which is why I was so intrigued by this particular Fashionisto. Although he stuck with a basic thermal and jeans, his dressy shoes added a touch of sophistication to his easy and casual attire. This simple detail truly transformed his entire look, which just goes to show that shoes can really make or break your outfit.

Fashionistos – take a hint from today's example and put away your sneakers this weekend. Pair your jeans with these Bass “Alberta” loafers and you’ll be sure to add a touch of class to your attire. Or better yet, invest in these John Varvatos “Norwegian Heritage slip-ons” – the stitching gives the shoe a bit of extra edge without taking away from its refinement.

Fashionistas – you can definitely pull off loafers as well. Steve Madden’s “Judde” loafers add sparkle to any outfit and are easy to dress up and down because of their metallic color. For something a little more low-key, the Alexander Wang “Ranya” loafers are a smart splurge that look great with boyfriend jeans and are perfect for job interviews. So give your UGGs a break this weekend and try on a pair of loafers. It’s amazing how one simple detail, such as a great shoe, can create a whole new look.

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