BOUTIQUE OF THE WEEK: Local Thrift, of Course

If you know anything about the best of Bloomington, you're not stranger to the Cactus Flower. Residing halfway down Kirkwood Avenue, the Cactus Flower divides itself in two: a trendy boutique on the first floor and a terrific thrift store on the second. Cozily resting above the Laughing Planet (if you haven't tried their pesto quesadillas, shame on you!), the Cactus Flower deserves its very much respected reputation in B-Town. 

Walking into the shop may be overwhelming at first: the Cactus Flower offers great pieces from Free People, American Apparel, Tulle, Miss Me, and many others. But don't let yourself get lost amongst those fabulous finds; travel upstairs into their vintage closet for pieces dating back from the 50's! Whether you're in need of a great leather belt for a summer dress or an authentic vintage necklace to accent your outfit, give their second floor a shot. Blogger's advice for thrift shopping? Don't go in with a destination! Thrift shopping can be overwhelming with most pieces only offered in one size, and the variety of pieces usually outnumbers that of a typical stores. Go in with an open mind (and open wallet, of course) with some friends just to survey the options!

With summer (most unfortunately) coming to a close, a grab-your-attention outfit is definitely in need for those last summer parties: don't frequent your everyday stores — try something new (or, in this case, vintage!) and check out the Cactus Flower on Kirkwood. As I always say: take a risk this weekend! Being a local business owner is no easy feat: to survive and thrive as the Cactus Flower has done is truly an accomplishment, so trust their stunning selection!

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