This winter I’ve seen a lot of people walking around campus in big marshmallow jackets, sweats, and Uggs. Although it’s easy to fall into a rut with fashion when the temperatures are hovering around twenty degrees, I encourage you not to. It is possible to maintain a sense of street style despite the weather.

This Fashionista motivated me to swear off my ugly winter outerwear for good. She was staying warm in a plaid winter jacket that is perfect for class or for a night out. While this season blazers seem to be the go to option for nights out, this plaid jacket would be more practical for staying warm. The best part about this coat is the detail. The fur trim on the hood is a nice touch and fits in perfectly with the fur craze this season. I also loved the leather buckles on the front of the jacket. She matched the leather buckles nicely with her brown leather cross-body bag. This bag is not only a good purse, but an optional backpack for class. Her jacket reminded me of the bomber jacket by Rag & Bone that was seen in their runway show.

Instead of walking around campus in a pair of old winter boots she opted for a suede pair of black boots. I love this choice of footwear and how versatile it is for day and night. Lastly, her patterned tights are an awesome trend that I’ve been seeing a lot of lately. Mixing the patterned tights with the plaid jacket made her outfit much more interesting.

Hint: For an affordable plaid jacket try this one from Forever 21. I love the toggle buttons on it. They also have patterned tights in different colors. Another jacket option is this plaid trench coat from NastGal.

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