The Edward Hopper era was a time in which "Women were embracing a modern aesthetic, wearing masculine-inspired clothes but still maintaining their feminine sense of style," famous designer Suwha Hong said. Hopper's realistic paintings of urban women in the early 1900's are what drove Hong to her creative fall 2008 line of tailored jackets and wide leg trousers. Yet surprisingly, Suwha did not always study fashion. The Korean native began working at a law firm; a career path she felt would be more practical. This stint lasted approximately five years. In 2006 Hong decided to settle in London with her husband. Thus marked the beginning of her studies in fashion. In a matter of months, Hong was designing items that placed women fashion forward in a once proclaimed "man's world." 

This Fashionista is proof that summer barbecues and tailored attire are not just for the boys. Simple beige and white colors help to keep the look casual. A classy button down and leather belt add in masculine flair. To top of the look, the Fashionista sports a hat, giving an edgy vibe to this laid-back outfit. 

Hint: To make this look appear trendier, accessorize with a pair of oxford shoes, a messenger bag, thick-rimmed glasses, or a tailored vest. These looks were big hits this past fall, but often reappear in new and innovated forms. Take advantage of the fall and winter clearance sales of these items, and make the look summer appropriate. Mix and match masculine oxfords with a chiffon or floral print dress, illustrating the gender dualities in fashion. 

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