WEEKEND FORECAST: Matching is SO overrated

If you have ever watched the popular TLC show called What Not to Wear, then you have probably heard the phrase “Everything in your outfit doesn’t have to match, it just has to go.” Stacey and Clinton seem to reiterate that fact in every episode. And I agree, matching is SO overrated.

Who ever said that if you wear a pink blouse, you also have to pair it with pink heels and a pink purse? In my opinion, that’s just way too much pink.

Getting dressed is like painting a picture. Artists rarely use just one color in their works. Instead, they use colors that compliment each other. Take note from this Fashionista. Her deep blue and forest green, plaid shirt goes perfectly with her mustard, yellow tote. And the hints of brown and gold from her shoes and necklace seal the deal.

I declare this Fashionista a masterpiece!

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