Welcome back, returning students and hello new Hoosiers! With school kicking off this week, I'm sure everyone's exhausted from seemingly endless lectures and more reading assignments than thought possible in the first week of classes, but bear with me! With the first week of classes comes the first official weekend at Indiana University, and I will settle for nothing less than the best of dress from my fellow Fashionista/os!

This Fashionista definitely grabbed my eye (and a few others' eyes, too) during this glorious era they call Welcome Week. Dressed in a fantastic Missoni-inspired number, I couldn't help but pull her aside and grab a photo. Usually I'm not the biggest fan of the Missioni herringbone pattern (it can be a little overwhelming in some cases), but the soft and simple colors of this Fashionista's dress made me consider giving the Missonian staple another shot. Paired with  a simple pair of leather sandals and a chain link cross-body bag, this Fashionista is definitely ready to make a splash during her first week back at IU.

No matter if your classes were surprisingly laid back (lucky you) or dreadfully intense, take a break from "school talk" this weekend and resort back to one of fashion history's classics: Missoni. Whether you're out meeting your new neighbors or reuniting with friends you haven't seen all summer, remember to look fabulous while doing it! We're in for an excellent semester of style, I can already tell.

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