Even when dealing with the cold fall weather, there is no need to stick to the same generic look of dark, neutral colors, jeans, leggings, boots, and sweaters. This Fashionista proves you can put an interesting twist on a fall outfit by incorporating an unexpected silhouette or color. By this I mean her high-waisted, peach, linen skirt from Reiss. The skirt would seem to be more appropriate for spring or summer, however, she makes it work by pairing it with black tights, thick gray socks, heavy black boots, a black cross-body bag, and a simple long sleeved white top. By mixing in one piece from another season into your outfit, you can add an interesting touch and utilize your closet, which is perfect for the Fashionista on a college budget. You could also try layering a summer inspired dress over a sweater and tights for a fresh look. I believe there should be very few rules when it comes to fashion, so even though it may seem different to mix in pieces from different seasons, you will end up with a unique look and the opportunity get creative with your style.

Hint: Layering is a great technique for fall because you can diversify your look and stay warm at the same time. While it is good to avoid being too matchy with your pieces, they should still be cohesive. So, to avoid a tacky outfit, make sure you don't mix too many extreme patterns and colors in one look. Oftentimes, highlighting one bold or interesting piece (like this skirt), creates an effortlessly chic look. 

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