WEEKEND FORECAST: Opposites Attract

It is so easy to follow trends printed in Vogue, Elle, etc., but being stylish isn't something that you can just copy right out of a magazine. Style is personal and sometimes you need to make your own trends in order to really stand out. One of my favorite techniques in order to make the most use out of items that you already have in your closet is to try pairing unusual, unexpected pieces. When I saw this Fashionista, I was immediately inspired by her use of that very technique. Pairing '70s-esque flowy, printed fabrics against the hard edge of military inspired black leather really makes a statement from top to bottom. Although the prints on this Fashionista’s Hermès scarf and her short-sleeved top aren’t exactly alike, they both use a navy background to create a cohesive look. I love the way that she did take an idea right from the Hermès “J’aime mon carré” print ads and tied the silk scarf around her head for a perfectly effortless, au courant look. These fun printed pieces are taken to the next level by being juxtaposed against the hard edge of her black hair, and her black matte leather accessories. This Fashionista’s magnetic flapped Marc Jacobs shoulder bag and her combat boots are extremely trendy, perfect pieces to add to your wardrobe for the fall. In all, this outfit fit the Fashionista’s personality perfectly: fun and upbeat with a little bit of edge.

Hint: Each day this weekend, try finding elements of your own wardrobe that you could pair together to create a completely new and unprecedented look.

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