WEEKEND FORECAST: Pretty in Peacock

If Louboutin likes a print enough to put it on a pair of high heels, that print is definitely good enough for any Fashionista/o out there. This Fashionista agrees.

She is wearing a peacock feather print dress under a cardigan and motorcycle jacket. The muted light pink, purple, blue and charcoal colors of the feathers add movement and excitement to a basic cut dress. This Fashionista’s dress can be found at Forever21. If you want a fancier option, this peacock print party dress by Kensie would turn heads at any event. This mini dress by 382 would also be the center of attention during a night out. Peacock prints can be found on shirts, shoes, scarves and on accessories. Peacock feather earrings can be found at stores like Urban Outfitters, Forever21 and handmade feather earrings can be found on etsy.com. These are made from real fathers molted by peacocks.

This Fashionista let the dress be the focus of the outfit by wearing it with a solid color cardigan, black flats, black leggings and a black leather bomber jacket. Leather bomber and motorcycle jackets are everywhere right now too. Check out my blog from last week for tips about where to find a great leather jacket.

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