The most exciting thing about fashion to me is its constant renewal.  It is fashion week and as a Fashionista, I just cannot wait to see what new styles will walk down the runways. The fashions we see at New York Fashion Week, in Paris or in Milan are all interpretations of some earlier form of dress. With every new season fashion changes and from past centuries fashion has evolved to mean more than just clothes, a tool of concealment, protection, or status. Fashion is now art; it’s a way of communication. It tells a story. In a world full of innovation, fashion is renewed everyday.

My eye caught this Fashionista wearing a wonderful lime green corduroy mini skirt. I was intrigued by her color choice and noticed the rest of her ensemble. She paired her skirt with a cream and tan striped sweater and a cocoa brown knit vest. She also was wearing cream patterned tights and brown knee high boots. The bright lime skirt popped with the neutral base of her sweater and tights. But the best part of her outfit was her green accents of jewelry. To pull in another hue of green, this Fashionista wore a beautiful emerald green pendant necklace, a bronze bangle and chunky rings with green stones. I asked the Fashionista about her jewelry and she told me her emerald pendant necklace was passed down from her great great grandmother. I think it is awesome to see fashions from previous generations incorporated into current, modern looks. The Fashionista said she finds most of her jewelry at vintage stores and art shows. Try looking for some antique and unique jewelry to work into your current wardrobe. I found a great selection at etsy.com. Take a look through your mom or grandmother’s closet and see what you can reuse and renew in your own way.

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