WEEKEND FORECAST: Rock ‘n’ Roll Chic

I am a huge music fan, so I enjoy frequenting concert venues like the 9:30 club during my weekends. I saw the Sublime cover band Badfish at the 9:30 club, and it was one of my favorite nights out since I’ve been at GW. When I was at that concert, I couldn’t help but notice the rock 'n' roll inspired outfits around me – fashions that didn’t necessarily include studs and bright graphics, but were comprised more of military-themed pieces and basics. I quickly learned that this grunge version of back-to-basics was the new take on rock 'n' roll fashion. And this style is oh-so-chic. This Fashionista’s outfit is a perfect depiction of the fashion-forward, yet simple, rocker style that I am referring to.

This Fashionista, a musician herself, is wearing a loose, black T-shirt, a pair of charcoal gray cut-off shorts with visible pockets, a great belt, and combat boots. Her belt is my favorite part of her outfit – it features an intricate overlaying design, adding a textural element to her outfit when placed between the smooth cotton of her T-shirt and denim shorts. Her boots are also worth note: they are black leather and hit mid-shin, adding an additional military-themed element to her already fabulous outfit. On top of all of this, her minimal jewelry really completes her look.

This Fashionista's outfit is absolutely perfect for a concert at the 9:30 club (or another venue like it). Her look is urban, chic, effortless, and rock ‘n' roll. She expertly combines dark, solid colors with unique, textured pieces for a fabulous rockstar look. This outfit is great for a daytime concert in a park or a nighttime concert in a venue: her boots are perfect for standing and dancing for hours on end, and her shirt and shorts are loose and comfortable so she can stay cool while surrounded by a crowd of fans much like herself.

Hint: When you're looking for the perfect military-inspired outfit to wear to whatever concert you choose to attend this weekend, don't forget to check Shopbop for great pieces (as they are currently featuring a whole military-inspired trend). Also, I really recommend purchasing a pair of great combat boots to complete your military-themed look…they are really a wardrobe staple that will carry through the winter!

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