Let’s be honest: there’s something kind of sad about fall. Sure, the official arrival of fall means the start of homecoming, but autumn marks an end to summer and a precursor to winter. We shift from our little white summer dresses to black skinny jeans and black boots. We trade the brighter, happier colors of summer for the dark, brooding shades of fall, maybe to mirror the loss of daylight or maybe even to reflect our change in moods. Whatever the case may be, when it comes time for fall, we tend to be less experimental with color…which is why this particular Fashionista caught my eye.

The first thing I noticed about this Fashionista’s outfit was her red flats. By adding a little bit of red to a dark outfit, she still looks ready for fall while still maintaining some of summer’s fun atmosphere. Something as simple as wearing a colored flat really made her casual chic outfit stand out, yet everything about her outfit shows effortless comfort, making her ensemble perfect for a weekend shopping trip in the city.

To get this Fashionista’s look, try pairing one of your favorite fall outfits with this comfortable Gap flat. If you’re looking for something with more sparkle, Diane von Furstenberg has a fun jeweled flat that can easily be dressed up. For the ultimate splurge, check out these Proenza Schouler Fish Ballet Flats. The texture is absolutely stunning, and all Fashionistas can appreciate the gorgeous details of these shoes. So add a bit of color to your fall wardrobe.

Just because we’re getting less sunlight doesn’t mean that your style has to be completely dark too.

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