WEEKEND FORECAST: Show Your School Spirit

For most universities, Homecoming weekend means football games, frat parties and a ton of school spirit. Things are a little different here at BU – we’ve replaced football with hockey, frat parties with regular house parties and a ton of school spirit to being lucky if you own one piece of BU apparel. Boston University is our little oasis from the city of Boston, and as we all do love being in a city we sometimes lack the “campus feel” of other universities. This may seem like a downfall to some, but it is the exact reason those of us who love BU do like it so much.

I was lucky enough to stumble upon these two Fashionistas both sporting BU hoodies on a rather chilly day in Boston. One Fashionista has chosen to pair her hoodie with leggings and combat boots, giving into the fall trend while supporting BU. Combat boots are all part of the military look we are all trying to achieve this season, and this Fashionista has demonstrated how to rock the combat boot in a casual way and it works. The other Fashionista has also given into a fall trend: oxfords. The vintage oxfords this Fashionista are wearing are a great fall staple – Bloch has also made a few great pairs this season. Sporting a hoodie with leggings and oxfords and with leggings and combat boots, both of these Fashionistas are ready to show off their school spirit in the most fashionable of ways.

School spirit comes in stride here at BU, but the days you catch someone wearing BU apparel are some of the most exciting. It shows that even though we are in a city, and even though we do lack some of the basics most other large universities have, we are still able to have fun and support our school in our own way.

Everyone have fun and be safe this weekend!

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