WEEKEND FORECAST: Singing the Navy Blues

School is officially back in session, and having an early class is not appealing to most people. Those of us unlucky enough to be trapped in an early class due to scheduling have to achieve the impossible: look effortlessly trendy and chic while maintaining a level of comfort. As this does seem like mission impossible to some, this Fashionista is the perfect example of how to sing away those early morning blues.

This Fashionista has achieved almost every girls early morning uniform: leggings and a shirt. However, this Fashionista has figured out how to dress up the the early morning get-up. Still donned in the basic leggings and shirt, this outfit screams comfort while playing on a huge trend this fall: navy blue. This Fashionista's leggings, with black leather accents, are the perfect addition to her fall outfit. Navy and black together were once considered a fashion faux pas, but are now welcomed with open arms, and I am loving the combo. The riding pant is also a trend that is slowly making its way back into the fashion scene, and since the invention of the jegging every designer is trying to find a way to make those classics we love more comfortable, and these riding leggings achieve just that.

This Fashionista’s outfit is gracefully tied together with the ultimate fall staple: the black flat. I am someone who lives for a black flat, and I have managed to collect three different pairs within the last year alone. You can never go wrong in a black flat, and this Fashionista’s pair from London Sole looks great paired with the black accents on her leggings.

Navy and black are back, so don’t be afraid of the once frowned upon combo and embrace it this coming season. 

Hint: Forget the idea of day shirts and night shirts, and pair one of your night shirts with a pair of leggings during the day for a look that says comfort and chic. 

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