Before leaving Boston for several weeks and going home to celebrate the holidays, grab all your friends this weekend for one last get-together of the year. Visit the Frog Pond at the Boston Commons for a popular winter pastime: ice-skating! An ordinary pond by summer and spring and a skating rink by winter? Now that’s a pretty impressive pond, if you ask me. It’s a must-go even if you do not enjoy ice-skating; you can enjoy the Boston Commons scenery with a cup of hot cocoa.

Now, you don’t have to break out in your plain bomber jacket for extra padding when your friends are purposely making you fall. You can still skate in style with one key accessory: a faux fur collar. This Fashionista’s bomber jacket is perfect for this activity. An ostentatious faux fur collar will add drama to any ordinary winter bomber. Try attaching this H&M faux fur scarf to the collar of your jackets or wear this faux fur neck warmer from shopbop.com in replace of a scarf. You’ll look stylish and you’ll be warm– it’s a win-win solution really. Plus, it’ll be perfect for the ridiculously cold New England weather coming ahead.

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