WEEKEND FORECAST: Special Feature, Part 2, Korean Fashionistos

If you thought the ladies had style, wait until you learn more about those Korean Fashionistos!

In Korea, say goodbye to sloppy T-shirts, oversized jeans and running shoes for the average male’s wardrobe. Instead, almost every Fashionisto was decked out in clothes that actually fit and had style. The men liked to wear fitted, dark-washed jeans, plaid shirts or other button-downs, and most carried bags. Yes, that’s right, I spotted “man purses” everywhere. And I must say, the men had good taste, styling designs from hot names like Prada and Louis Vuitton.

But probably my favorite trend, which kept me drooling over every guy I saw, was the jacket choice. Most were short with a little bit of military flare, but all were both fitted and flattering. My favorite design element was the snap collar for a little bit of edge. Any guy wearing one of these jackets around IU’s campus will have my instant approval. I’d call it love at first sight. Here are a few jackets similar to the ones I saw in Korea: Rugged Short Twill, Zippered

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