WEEKEND FORECAST: Stop Working Out and Work Your Wardrobe Instead

Gaining weight around the holiday season is almost inevitable.  When we’re not eating with family at home, we’re eating out as a way of reuniting with old friends.  This time period between Thanksgiving and the upcoming winter break is stressful enough with papers, projects, and final exams without having to squeeze in time for the gym.  Don't hide under a trench coat everyday (although there are some classy styles surfacing in various stores nowadays) or resort to to the sweats worthy of the time when you actually do make it to the gym. Hold off for now, and make dieting a goal after the last of this year’s festivities.  Instead, make your wardrobe work for you by using these simple guidelines below.

Structure A stiff button up or great blazer can instantly give you the hourglass shape you desire, and a casual dress in a sturdy material like corduroy, tweed or denim can also help hide flaws and provide warmth as the temperature continues to drop.

Volume A lack of structure can also be a benefit, such as by choosing dresses and tops with an empire waist.  Bubble skirts, voluminous sleeves and shoulder pads are back in style and are another great option that can emphasize other parts of your outfit while detracting from waistline.  If you choose to pursue the strong shoulder trend, avoid bright colors and opt for neutrals for a more refined, modernized look.

Color It’s probably the oldest trick in the book, but it’s a known fact that black is slimming and never goes out of style.

Detail Feminine ruching can flatter your midriff. Draw attention to your face and not your expanding waistline by utilizing accessories and details like cut outs, studs, sequins, and buttons near the neckline of your top. If you want to show some skin, like during the Pitbull concert December 4 in the HUB, consider an off the shoulder top. Interestingly enough, this off the shoulder dress disproves the myth to stay away from horizontal stripes when trying to achieve a sleek silhouette. Off the shoulder sweater dresses are also perfect for day.

This Fashionisto I spotted in Borland, shows that you don’t have to completely cover up in order to look good this season. He makes use of some of the tips above with his slimming black jacket and by drawing attention to his face with his thick frames.  Geek chic is definitely in, and it’s possible to achieve the same look even if your vision is 20/20 with a pair of faux frames.

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