Stripes have hit a high in the fashion world and on the streets. Stripes this season come in a myriad of forms from Breton to chevron to butcher to nautical; there are plenty of styles to go around. Stripes have been a favorite staple of the like of Pablo Picasso, Coco Chanel, Ottavio Missoni and even the tribesmen of ancient Brazil. To say the least stripes have a deep rooted history in the human society, as well as nature herself (snakes, zebras, and tigers, oh my!).

Today we add yet another person to the grand list of those who favor stripes; this week’s Fashionista! I stopped this curly-haired Fashionista, not just because she had this hot trend on, but because the top she was wearing had several different types of stripes and, for the kicker, was decorated with striped crochet sleeves. This is something that was new and exciting. Her top wonderfully rolls together chevron stripes with skinny horizontal stripes on the chest area (bonus: this can help those athletic bodied girls to add some volume to this area) and various vertical stripes through the bodice (another bonus: vertical stripes lengthen and thin out the middle section!). This Fashionista let’s her top speak for itself by pairing it with a simple black skirt. She wears bike shorts underneath because this Fashionista says “I ride my bike in skirts and dresses all the time!”. This shows that saving gas, being green and looking cute is not a difficult task to accomplish! The college town of Salt Lake City loves their bikes and they love finding new ways of staying cute while riding them.

Hint: Striped fashions are so versatile they can be paired with other current trends like this week’s Fashionista’s crochet sleeves. Try pairing a lace top, like this Nina Ricci top on Net-a-Porter, with stripped shorts, like these Friend of Mine shorts on Shopbop. Another great trend to slip stripes into is the head to toe nude color trend. Pair this Raquel Allegra top and these Stella McCartney pants with this flirty stripped BP wedge.

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