WEEKEND FORECAST: Stylish Studying

Finals season is officially upon us and feelings of anxiety and stress have undeniably enveloped campus. Gelman is packed and all of the study rooms are booked, the line at Starbucks is always out the door and the bookstore and CVS are both out of notecards. Regardless of the amount of work that lay ahead, it comes at no surprise that many of my peers are stil looking fashion foward. Yes, even at the library.

This Fashionista's look epitomizes the concept of library chic. Instead substituting sweats for jeans, this Fashionista has chosen to wear jeggings to Gelman. Jeggings are an extremely comfortable alternative to jeans and they look equally as stylish as a pair of skinnies. With her jeggings, this Fashionista sports an oversized brown sweater, a cozy alternative to a sweatshirt. With her comfy outfit, she wears a knit infinity scarf, a lightweight fur vest underneath a leather jacket and a pair of basic black flats. She carries her books in a black Longchamp "Le Pliage" bag and has styled her hair in a simple bun. Her outfit is just as comfortable as the typical finals week look of leggings and sweats and she can easily go straight from Gelman to a restaurant for dinner, not needing to go home and change out of her Gelman outfit.

Hint: This weekend, experiment with stylish yet comfortable looks for your hours in Gelman. As opposed to wearing leggings or sweatpants, opt to wear jeggings instead. With your jeggings, add an oversized top or a cozy grandfather sweater. This will create a fashion forward look and will enable you to transition easily from your day in Gelman to your night in Georgetown without having to go home first to change.

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