WEEKEND FORECAST: Terrific Tribal Prints

Just because you've got a million plans to situate for this weekend (happy independence day, everyone!) doesn't mean there's an excuse to not look your best! The founding fathers fought for this day; the least we can do is look fabulous for the fourth!

As you're skimming through your closets, don't overlook that V-neck shirt just yet. Think the V-neck is over? Think again, Fashionistas. No need to get rid of the silhouette completely: just update the design! This Fashionista picked out a summer-appropriate colored V-neck with a tribal print. Not only does this number sport many colors to allow for easy accessorizing, it's especially flattering to our Fashionista's skin tone. Not blessed with this Fashionista's beautiful bronze? Don't worry, Pantone has got you covered. 

Pantone forecasts new and upcoming colors for the retail seasons. This season's palette consisted of a lagoon teal (like on our Fashionista's shirt), purple orchid, golden glow, and a few others (Pantone Fashion Color Report). So if you've still got some work to do on your summer glow (like me), try out some corals or orchid hues. 

Another one of my new favorite finds is the solitaire charm necklace. Long pendant necklaces are out; these new, understated accessories are in. Whether silver or gold (my vote? gold!), pick out a thin chain and a single charm (try something significant to you, like this Fashionista has done) and try it out. It'll go with anything and, most importantly, it'll be unique to you!

So this weekend, whether you're celebrating the 4th with friends or family, try out some tribal prints in your most flattering colors; you might just make it on College Fashionista!

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