I’ve always admired the guys who can rock skinny jeans. But today’s Fashionisto not only rocked them, he also took the skinny jean a step further – skinny cargo pants. These or skinny jeans in cargo colors (think green, gray, and brown) are really big this season. This Fashionisto kept the focus on the color of his jeans by pairing them with a black V-neck tee and black sneakers. His casual, laidback style is comfortable enough for class yet relaxed enough for a weekend look.

Fashionistos, you can easily imitate today’s example by making a stop at Urban Outfitters. Their Levis 510 "Dark Moss" jean and their Salt Valley "Overdyed Carpenter" jean are great starts, but don’t be afraid to experiment with the shirts as well. These kinds of pants look great with graphic T-shirts or a flannel shirt in neutral colors.

Fashionistas, it’s no secret that the J Brand "Houlihans" are the ultimate fall must-have. Celebrities have been spotted wearing these in several different colors, and you can pick up your very own pair at Nordstrom or Bloomingdales. Blank Denim also has some slightly cheaper alternatives, such as their zippered cargo skinny and their skinny in moose jaw. So, have some fun with the new skinny. To soften the look pair them with lacy tops and peep-toe pumps or toughen it up with a leather jacket and boots. It’s so easy to incorporate the skinny cargo into your wardrobe and find a look that fits your own style.

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