WEEKEND FORECAST: The Trendy “Tourist”

Now that midterms are a thing of the past, GW students are starting to again spend their weekends doing more interesting things than sitting in a Gelman study room. While some may spend their daytime hours in Georgetown or Chevy Chase for some serious retail therapy, others take the more tourist-like route to relaxation by visiting the beautiful DC monuments. Although strolling along the Mall may not seem like a high-fashion event, in true GW form, students do D.C. sightseeing in style.

Heading out to do the tourist thing with her visiting family when I stopped her, this Fashionista is wearing a basic white dress with a sinched waist, a great pair of textured tights, and an olive green military-inspired jacket. With this, she's added some amazing yet understated jewelry, including dainty, long earrings and a necklace made of her dorm room key and a simple chain. I also really love this Fashionista's boots – they're traditional, lace-up riding boots but in the color gray (rebuffing the myth that riding boots must be in black or dark brown). Another great part about her look is how perfect it is for the always-changing D.C. weather – she can easily shed a layer if she's too warm or add a layer if she's too cold. An L.A. native with great style, this Fashionista is wearing that exact fashion-forward look that I keep seeing the GW-student-turned-tourist wearing when sightseeing. In sum, this Fashionista epitomizes the GW attitude which emphasizes always being fashionable, even when touring the monuments.

Hint: Should you decide to be a "tourist" and visit the monuments at the Mall this weekend, don't be afraid to do so in style. I recommend breaking out your summertime basics (a dress, a skirt), adding a pair of ribbed tights or high-socks, and throwing a long cardigan or military-inspired jacket over it all to create a great, layered look. Also, opt to wear some lace-up boots (especially ones in a color other than black or dark brown) – these will keep your feet comfortable during (and pain-free after) your walk around!

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