WEEKEND FORECAST: The Unusual Suspects

Happy Friday, Fashionista/os! Hope studying for finals isn't trying everyones' nerves too much. While you're bundling up in our lovely Herman B. Wells library this weekend, lets not forget the opportunity to get someone's attention. This weekend's forecast: WHITE.

As I trudged home in the chilling weather this weekend, I had to stop my fellow Fashionista on the sidewalk; dressed in a simple, but ever-so-elegant, white peacoat, this gal sure made me stop in my tracks. I think it's safe to say we've all been focused on blacks and grays this season. Maybe it's time we checked ourselves and made a little change. There's nothing more classy than pulling off white (with my skin a strikingly same hue, it's hard for me to do, but I have faith in all of you).

This weekend, instead of grabbing the predictable black or charcoal jacket to keep warm, switch it up with some white. If you don't have one, I've got one word for you: thrift. With the holiday season upon us, there's no better time to stop by your local thrift shop (my fave: the Cactus Flower) and grab a few fantastic finds for you and your recipients. These fabulous vintage shops are sure to have a great white piece or two, so play an unexpected card and go for white.

So, fellow Fashionsta/os, as you're putting together your next great piece for the weekend, incorporate some white. After all, you never know when the snow's going to hit; stand out while you can!

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