Hats are back: this trend has finally resurfaced! The royal wedding images are partly to blame for the recent fascination with this forgotten item. With all of the shapes and varieties seen on the glamorous guests, this accessory is making a come back.

When I saw today's Fashionisto, I was attracted to his clean cut look and his newsboy hat. From, his red dress shirt down to his polished chukka style boots (The Sartorialist recently posted about them) he exudes casual sophistication. Each element of his ensemble is crisp and full of tiny surprises. For example, his mini telescope necklace, the rolled cuff on his jeans and the white topstitching on his shirt. He takes a simple outfit to the next level through the quality of each piece and he ties everything together with a classic white cap.

Hint: Incorporating a hat into your weekend outfit isn't difficult, the trick is to wear whatever you choose with confidence. Madewell offers many styles airy enough for the spring weather. For men, ASOS sells an expansive variety, including a newsboy style similar to the one seen on today's fashionisto. 

Perfect for a bad hair day and to keep the sun out of your eyes, a hat can add function or frivolity to your ensemble. Take your pick.

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