According to Wikipedia, the trench coat was developed as an alternative to heavy greycoats worn by British and French soldiers during the First World War (which might not be true, but it sounds good anyway). Soldiers fighting in the trenches needed a garment to protect them from the bad weather. Both Burberry and Aquascutum have claimed to be the inventor of the trench coat.

The original design of the trench coat continued to be modified throughout World War II to make it more practical in war. Other countries such as the United States and the Soviet Union also began to adopt trench coat style jackets into their uniforms. Trench coats worked their way onto the fashion scene as war veterans brought the coats back with them into post-war, civilian life.

After World War II, trench coats started to pop up in movies like Casablanca, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and The Pink Panther. In more recent times, the trench coat has been redesigned to fit the different styles of Fashionistas/os everywhere.

This Fashionista’s Bebe trench has studded detailing around the collar, making it edgy and fun. For all the Fashionistas/os out there, Burberry continues to sell its iconic trench. Like most fashion trends, more affordable stores such as H&M and Target have picked up the trench coat from their expensive, high fashion sisters.

I love my trench coat. Trench coats are effortlessly chic and they look good on all body types. They can be worn in different seasons and are not going to go out of style any time soon; investing in a trench is a decision you wouldn’t regret.

Hint: Aim for a neutral color. You’ll be able to wear it more often!

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