Finding balance is crucial in life – I, for one, find myself constantly struggling to balance schoolwork and playtime. Regardless of this struggle, balance is absolutely essential, and the need for its occurrence also applies to fashion and style. For example, as this Style Guru points out, there needs to be balance between oversized and tight fits. Colors need to be balanced properly as well, which is why I needed to photograph this particular Fashionista.

I absolutely loved this Fashionista's entire outfit. Her oversized rings gave her outfit extra sparkle and edge, and her vest and hat were the perfect layering pieces for the somewhat chilly weather. But what really made me notice this Fashionista were the colors of her outfit. Today's Fashionista complemented the turquoise of her tribal print top with a brighter turquoise studded cross body bag. This subtle yet bold combination set her apart from the crowd, even though she was still following a popular fall trend. What I also loved about her color complement is that it’s so easy for anyone to imitate, yet anyone can still add his/her own personal touch of style, simply by playing with different colors and patterns.

Urban Outfitters is a great start for anyone who wants to get this Fashionista’s look. My favorite combination would have to be this Dolce Vita "Ellita" tank top with this BDG tri-pocket basic buckle satchel in turquoise. Another fun option is this boyfriend Navajo flannel shirt in maroon with this primary satchel in red, both also by BDG.

Hint: Don’t try to match your accessories with the exact colors found in your printed top. Play with the colors a little – if your tribal top has royal purple in it, don’t be afraid to pair it with a lavender accessory. As long as your accessory and print are in the same color family, you’re sure to look chic. So this weekend take a hint from this Fashionista, and find balance within your wardrobe.

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