With the bitterly cold weather successfully on the verge of freezing my entire sense of fashion, I had completely lost hope of a dangerously amazing, little-red-dress kind of Valentine’s Day. The temperature has dropped into the bone-cold negatives and I cannot even get up enough warmth to make it out from under the loads of blankets I used to call my bed.

However, just when I thought my Valentine's Day was done-zo, I spotted this gem of a Fashionisto walking across the street. This gentleman’s good looks and edgy fashion sense is not what struck me first (although, I doubt he will have any trouble finding a valentine this weekend). What pulled me across the street and over a slushy 4 foot tall snow bank was the instant replay of one of the most romantic movie scenes ever. Enter John Cusack circa 1989 in Say Anything as he plays out every girl’s dream. The famous scene shows John’s character, Lloyd Dobler, holding a boom box over his head playing “Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel in an effort to win back the girl of his dreams- wearing nothing but a trench coat. Well, actually he’s wearing a lot more than a trench but his famous outwear is all that matters in this case. And this, my Fashionistas/os, is what brought back my love of Valentine’s Day. The simple reminder of one of my favorite romantic films, and all it took was this Fashionisto’s amazing sense to break out a trench coat in the middle of winter.

This Fashionisto knows how to stay warm, even if it takes two coats to do. And the best part? He’s got the cool swagger of Lloyd Dobler down pat. His confidence makes his look effortless yet perfectly edgy. This Fashionisto has added a modern day flare with his Batman graphic T-shirt, a dog chain around his neck, cool shades to block out the obviously sunny day, and a rad comb over. Nothing can beat this Fashionisto's cool factor.

Hint: This Valentine’s Day weekend, forget the fluff and let your wild side roam free. Don’t let the fuzziness of Hallmark dictate your wardrobe this holiday. Show up all of the boring dinner date couples and wear something unexpected this Monday. Stay festive with a dash of red (ladies, try something like this) and you’re ready for a romantic evening. Do as Lloyd Dobler and go for the valentine you’ve been dreaming of, even if that encompasses those shoes you’ve been dying for.


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