It’s finally the weekend, and you no longer have to worry about looking presentable or even decent. But on the occasion you have to haul yourself out of bed and into the public, you’d like to express your sense of impeccable style to the world. You’re a liberal arts major and voted Democrat and know who David Sedaris is. You think of yourself as pretty hipster. So what do you wear? By now, being “Hipster” has undoubtedly gone mainstream. Yuppies are moving into Brooklyn, Dov Charney is struggling to remain competitive, and Vice magazine is on MTV. At this point, we desperately needed something new and fresh to revive the tired plaid shirt- and fixie bike-aesthetic.

This Fashionisto is wearing a teal gymnastic sweatshirt with a slim fit. While this sweatshirt actually belongs to his sister (who was actually on a gymnastic team), J. Crew has already shrunk, faded, and “beat-up” a similar sweatshirt which you can buy here.The snapcap is of course ubiquitous by now, and it’s another throwback to the 1980s. New Era’s similar, but fitted, 59Fifty caps’ commercial popularity stems from their history with professional sports teams. New Era offers the 9Fifty snapback series for $24.99. This Fashionisto's cap is from Urban Outfitters; similar styles can be found at Kid Robot, BAPE, or, of course, absolutely any sports teams’ merch stand.

The parts of this outfit that takes it from, “I’m an unruly young person who gets in trouble for loitering at the mall” to “I am well-educated and have a well-rounded set of interests” are the khakis and belt.The belt pictured is from South America, but similar in color and style to accessories by Pendleton. While the historic Oregon wool mill has no belts in its collection, two of its collaborators do. For a similar tribal pattern with leather accents, Urban Outfitters offers a "Nepalese Belt". Opening Ceremony sells a colorblocked, more utilitarian version.This Fashionisto is wearing canvas Vans in Flint Grey with custom laces. Vans, Chucks, or Nikes can take a formal outfit to the skate park or basketball court in a heartbeat. Ever wonder why there’s that one guy who wears Chucks to the wedding? He’s not trying to be obnoxious (even though he is) – he’s trying to distinguish himself from the rest of the men dressed in the traditional “penguin suit”.

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