WEEKEND FORECAST: Vintage Escapades

A print that never seems to go out of style, at least to me, is the famous leopard print. The leopard spots have made many appearances in our fall and winter wardrobes. It has been seen on coats, tops, skirts, shoes and even handbags! Leopard print is my go to, and I believe you can carry this trend into the spring season.

I absolutely love my leopard print pieces, so when I saw this Fashionista on the street, I had to get a picture of her. I died over her fun printed top: a silk button up blouse with a bow tie neck and an obviously in fabulous leopard print. She wore it so easily. With her wild feline print she wore a simple black nylon legging and black peep toe Mary Jane heel. The Fashionista told me that her blouse was a vintage find. I was so excited to hear that because for many Fashionistas and Fashionistos, vintage shopping is so popular. Especially this upcoming spring, when most styles are going to be inspired by the 70s, I suggest making a stop at any local vintage store. This Fashionista found her blouse at a vintage store called Material Plane. The woman who owns the vintage boutique selects each piece by hand. How cool?! If you find pieces in vintage boutiques, you know they will be unique and one of a kind. But if you are afraid to buy pieces that are outdated or used, just visit a store and have some fun. You don’t have to buy anything, but I promise that vintage boutiques will inspire you to play with different colors, prints, and silhouettes in your wardrobe.

Hint: For your weekend vintage escapades, I have a few stores to suggest. Definitely check out Material Plane. The space is crammed with awesome finds, and the prices are just right! I would also suggest Cactus Flower boutique. Although they carry contemporary clothing, the upstairs is full of some great vintage pieces. If you are looking to go out of town, head up to Indianapolis in the Broad Ripple area to check out Broad Ripple Vintage. Broad Ripple Vintage is by far my favorite vintage boutique; they carry tons of jewelry and accessories, I could look around for hours.

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