The Fashionista wears a green vintage Lacoste sweater and combines it with beige Zara rolled up pants and Russell and Bromely shoes. The outfit is ever so simple yet embodies so much style. The Fashionista proves that knowing how to put together an outfit with fewer, simpler garments can sometimes turn out to be a lot more effective than piling on a bunch of stuff.

Lactose is a perfect example of timeless fashion. The brand has been around for years and years, and finding a vintage Lactose piece is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. The beauty of vintage shopping lies in the endless opportunities to discover treasures – at amazing prices – and translate this hunt into the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

The concept of ‘vintage love’ is growing ever so quickly across big cities, and London is no exception for that. Just walking through the streets and especially at universities such as Goldsmiths, you can feel the widespread of this form of fashion seeking. The best part about vintage shopping is the fact that you can combine a timeless aesthetic to your style, whilst keeping up with the Avant Garde side of Fashion.

Hint: When shopping for vintage garments, be sure to check that your items are in reasonable condition to be worn as many vintage shops tend to sell anything they can get their hands on – even the not so good condition stuff. After washing your new vintage item, indulge in the greatness of vintage heaven; after all it is a rare piece of treasure!

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