WEEKEND FORECAST: Warm, Cozy and Switching it Up

I am really loving the statement knits, multi-colored layers, and boots of varying textures and styles that I've been seeing my fellow GW students sporting throughout campus recently. Thumbing through Teen Vogue, it didn't surprise me at all to discover that the editors are also really into this new trend. Inspired by this Teen Vogue spread, I've been secretly applauding those G.W. students who have been leaving their dorms wearing a colorful and/or patterned take on traditional late-autumn wear.

This Fashionista and Fashionisto brilliantly epitomize this playful (yet sophisticated) new trend that I'm referring to. This Fashionista proudly sports gray suede slouch boots, black jeans, and an oversized sweater with horizontal stripes of varying colors and patterns. Her hair is loose and she wears no accessorries so as to not detract from her eye-catching outfit. This Fashionista looks comfortable yet chic. It's obvious that her outfit is great for keeping her warm and cozy during these chilly days.

This Fashionisto is also looking cozy and chic, rigged in a teal khaki jacket, an effortless white oxford, a pair of dark wash jeans and combat boots. His multi-layered look will definitely keep him warm, and although well tailored, his shirt and jacket are baggy enough to keep him comfortable for hours.

Hint: No matter what your plans are this weekend, substitute striped knits or light-colored boots for your dark or solid-colored pieces for a fun twist on your favorite late-autumn look. Whether you're working at your part-time job, browsing a museum, or going to dinner and a movie with friends, experimenting with this trend will keep you fashion-forward while remaining warm and cozy in the bitter chill that has finally reached the District.

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