Everyone has his or her favorite seasonal accessory whether it’s the spring/summer fedora or the fall/winter beanie (there is currently a great selection at shopbop). My favorite accessory happens to be a year-round item that can add that little something extra or a splash of color to any outfit: the scarf.

Scarves are a great piece to wear during all seasons, and with Boston’s unpredictable weather, it is something every Fashionista/Fashionisto should own. This Fashionista has taken note of the unpredictability of Boston weather and on this sunny day has chosen to wear a scarf for those random gusts of wind we all love so much. Paired with jeggings, a plain grey tank and black flats, this Fashionista’s outfit looks fairly simple and not the most exciting, but the addition of her scarf completes her outfit. I personally love the fall colors embedded in the scarf and enjoy the idea of wearing the scarf from fall right in to winter. This Fashionista is also showing off the versatility of the scarf – wearing it just hanging or wrapped around your neck, there is no wrong way to wear it. 

The scarf is also a great accessory for night; we all have those nights when we have nothing to wear, so we opt for an all black outfit, and after trying on thousands of necklaces — and we still just can’t seem to find the right one, a different way to add that flare you’re looking for would be add a patterned or colorful scarf.

The best part about the scarf is you can find one just about anywhere – from your favorite store to the local flee market, I’ve never met a scarf I haven’t liked. So this weekend whether its hot or cold, rainy or sunny, try adding a scarf to your outfit – you can’t go wrong.

Hint: If you’re the type of person that loves to wear hooded sweatshirts when it starts to get chilly, try trading in your hoodie for a cardigan and scarf. It has the same warmth and comfort of a hooded sweatshirt, but with a fashionable twist.

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