WEEKEND FORECAST: Your Boyfriend’s Coat

The last time it snowed in Kent, Ohio, I thought for sure that winter was finally here. I was wrong. I seemed to have forgotten that the weather here is never predictable. After the first snow, there were several days where I didn’t even need a coat to go outside! However, a few days ago it began to snow and it has hardly stopped since. The winter coats are back! The hats and gloves, scarves and cute boots are here to stay!

Walking around this weekend has been quite the experience. While trying to protect myself from the cold I couldn’t help but notice students in great coats strolling around the campus. I stopped two art students on their way back to Verder Hall, the infamous art dorm. I saw the Fashionista on the right coat first, the militaristic and masculine style of it looked amazing on a girl! (I wasn’t surprised to find out that this Fashionista had stolen/“borrowed” the jacket from one of her guy friends.) I also loved the other Fashionista's black peacoat, another masculine yet always classic style. More than anything, though, I loved how this Fashionista made a basic peacoat unique through the use of pins and brooches on the collar. I especially loved the gold pin

Overall, what I loved most about these girls was that they took items that could be seen all over campus and made them their own. That’s what being a true Fashionista is all about! 

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