When you’re out and about in town during the summer months, finding the perfect outfit can be difficult. Are pants and long-sleeve shirts off limits just because of the intense heat? This Fashionisto shows that pants and long-sleeve shirts are totally doable, despite the hot weather.

The key is picking lightweight pieces that can transition between seasons. Both this Fashionisto’s shirt and pants have the capability to be worn in fall, winter or spring as long as he adds layers to them in the colder months for extra warmth. Add a versatile jacket or casual, yet stylish hoodie to the look and you have an ideal outfit to keep warm in the colder months of the year.

And for the summer months, there are even more simple changes to make the outfit weather appropriate. For Fashionistos, the power of the long-sleeve button-down shirt is endless. A classic piece to be worn with suits and casual shorts alike, these types of shirts are a must for every Fashionisto’s wardrobe. Rolling up the sleeves (as this Fashionisto has done) is the perfect way to stay cool, casual and stylish in the warmer months. It can also dress down a more formal button-down to transition you from a day of interning to a casual night out with friends in town. Choosing a style of button-down¬†with stripes¬†or a pattern is a perfect way to stand out in a sea of solid black or white shirts. This Fashionisto’s choice of stripes is both trendy and casual, making him look effortlessly cool.

Of course, no outfit is ever complete without details. Like this Fashionisto has displayed, shoes and simple accessories give the look an added touch of style and individuality. A classic pair of Vans can go a long way for men’s style. Don’t be afraid to try a brighter pair; they add a pop of color to the entire look and keep it feeling fresh and young. Add a final pair of sunglasses to complete the look. A good pair of Ray-Bans is a surefire way to look like you have style while barely trying at all.

One Simple Change: Try wearing a chambray button-down to switch things up. To complement the shirt, opt for brighter colored pants to balance out the look.

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