WHAT TO WEAR: At the Beach

“Let’s go to the beach, beach! Let’s go get away!” Isn’t that every Fashionista’s/o’s thought process during the heat of the summer? I know on my days off it’s the first thing that I want to do.

Rise and shine, look out the window and question which coverup? A maxi dress? Oversized tee? Button-up? Destroyed denim? That’s what went through this Fashionista’s head last weekend. This Fashionista ended up putting on a sheer white button-up, which allowed her suit to be seen through. Then she slipped into her mint denim shorts. This casual beach ensemble is perfect for going around to beach shops as well!

If you are planning on staying for the entire afternoon, you need to be sure to pack some snacks or a lunch. This Fashionista’s cooler is just the perfect size to pack some food for her and her friends. It’s not too heavy and easy to carry around.

Lastly, it’s bound to be a hot one so why not try a messy bun? Having your hair up keeps you a little bit cooler. Then throw on some radical rims and you are ready to go! Flip on the flops, smile at the sun and ocean oasis here you come!

One Simple Change: Switch out the flip flops for a stylish pair of boots and you will be ready for a summer concert near the water!

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