WHAT TO WEAR: At The Beach

There’s a first time for everything in life: and so I commence to write about men’s fashion. It was something I never thought about doing but the fact is that this industry has understood that—even though they try to deny it—boys worry about what they wear as much as we, girls, do. And in a place where Fashionistos are as inspiring as they are here in Portugal, I just couldn’t resist finding a bit more about their looks.

When we ran into each other, this handsome Fashionisto was on his way to the beach. The summer weather has been treating us nicely and so the proper outfits for such an occasion have been in vogue more than ever.

The overall outfit is the perfect example of how ‘boys will be boys’: a T-shirt, shorts and alpargatas. However, it was the attention put on details that really caught my eye. First of all, the color coordination hasn’t been left behind— like he told me, it’s one of the things guys pay the most attention to. I loved the fact that burgundy was the dominant color, not only because it emphasizes the tan color typical from this time of the year but also because it’s a very elegant choice. What I liked the most about the shorts were the thin stripes. Invisible from a distance, they create a lovely pattern on a closer look. The shoes tone the look down and make it ideal for a day at the beach. Plus, they reminded me of TOMS shoes, which I think are the perfect pick for summer days.

When it came to accessories, this Fashionisto assured me that not all boys are as daring as he was: going for a bold blue pair of sunglasses and a lovely hat. However, it’s the small things that make it all worthwhile— and made this the most challenging experience as a CollegeFashionista so far!

One Simple Change: If instead of the T-shirt you opt for a white linen shirt you’ll be ready for a casual date night (maybe drinks at the beach?) in no time.

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