WHAT TO WEAR: At The Beach

It’s happened. After weeks of rain, the weather gods decided it was Vancouver’s turn for sunshine. The transition into official summer weather was virtually non-existent. It was rainy and cold one day and the next, hot. As. Hell. But in this case, hell is paradise. Vancouverites are rejoicing by running to the beach at every available chance to soak up those West Coast rays.

I spotted this Fashionista whose outfit is quintessential beach attire. Her colorful shorts are what drew my eye. Fun, floral prints essentially scream summer. This Fashionista endured the heat by baring her midriff with sunflower-print jean shorts and a crop top. High-waisted shorts and crop tops go together like Garfield and lasagna and is perfect for summer. She kept her crop top plain and allowed the shorts to take the spotlight. To achieve the same look, try these floral shorts from Urban Outfitters and crop top from Brandy Melville.

Her accessories were kept to a minimum with only a few bracelets and a hat. This may just be me but whenever I think of straw hat, I think of a scarecrow. This was not the case with this Fashionista’s straw boater. The straw hat is both fashionable and adept at keeping heads cool. I really liked her hat, as the brim was wider than most, giving the hat and her outfit a unique look. Straw boaters are all the rage right now. They were featured in Karl Lagerfeld’s short, “Once Upon a Time”, as well as in Chanel’s spring/summer collection. But for those of us who don’t have the spare $1,725 lying around, try this straw hat for the same look. The last touch was her footwear. Her sandal-clad feet were all ready for a day spent at the beach.

One Simple Change: Staying with the floral print, switch the shorts with a high-waisted skirt for a cute date night outfit!

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