WHAT TO WEAR: At The Beach

It is officially July. Even though the school year ended over a month ago, July feels like the true beginning of summer. This wondrous month is filled with barbecues, popsicles, sandcastles, adventures and most importantly, the beach. Summer beach days are happy, carefree and calming. This Fashionista’s outfit perfectly embodies everything wonderful about summer and the beach.

While looking fashionable is always important for Fashionistas, it is important to make sure your beach outfit is comfortable and easy to throw on. This Fashionista’s combination of a breezy crop top, denim cutoffs and sunglasses is the ideal beach outfit. She starts with a simple black bikini that is the perfect foundation for any beach look. Her light green top is a pretty, neutral color that is flattering for all skin tones. The delicate, cream lace embroidery on the front of the shirt is a pretty detail that adds to the feminine feel of the shirt. I also love how she pairs her romantic, girly shirt with a pair of vintage-inspired denim cut-offs. The high-waisted shape of these bottoms creates a great contrast to the feminine vibe of her shirt. High-waisted denim cut-offs like these are perfect for any summertime outfit. The shorts are a classic summer piece that look great with any shirt. She finishes off her look with a pair of cool, retro sunglasses. Her black Wayfarers look classic and awesome with any summer outfit.

One Simple Change: If this look seems a bit too casual, switch the sandals for a pair of  awesome heels. Instead of a casual crop top, pair your denim cut-offs with a fancier shirt. This velvet top would look great with these black shorts and heels for a beachy night on the town.

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