WHAT TO WEAR: Birthday Party

The day you were born deserves a big celebration, and no matter how much you dread the end of your teen days, there’s no way to deny this. From throwing an unforgettable party to treating yourself to a massage, this is THE day to pamper yourself and (without a doubt) to show off your favorite attire.

This Fashionista decided to celebrate her birthday in style. Before heading to a cocktail with friends (followed by a family dinner), she explained to me the little details that made this her outfit of choice for such an important day.

The dominant piece of her look is a beautiful red dress. As she told me, it was picked not only because of the intense, bold color but because it is a nice change from her daily wear— which, as a med student, consists mostly of white coats. Being a more timid person, she pointed out how this vivid color somehow boosted her mood. She called it, “color therapy.” Given such, I think it’s important to keep in mind not only the stylish dress (you can find similar items all across the internet) but also how vital it is to fully embrace the wonders of fashion, with body and soul.

Regarding her accessories, I especially liked the matching heels (with a lovely pattern on the sides). The bag in a neutral darker tone is great for any occasion and the shades help you to face the sunnier days. Watches, like this one, and a pair of elegant silver earrings are very feminine— perfect to show the classiest side of any Fashionista.

One Simple Change: When the semester begins, opt for a pair of flats and don’t forget a cardigan to spend the day between classes.

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