WHAT TO WEAR: Birthday Party

There are many things we resent as we enter into the fateful twenties: added responsibilities, the inevitable entrance into “the real world,” the rising double-digit numbers and the painful never-ending, cringe-worthy renditions of “Happy Birthday.” Lucky for us, we are still in college where birthdays are a legitimate reason to throw wonderful parties and throw on your best outfit. At Wheaton, birthday parties are a whole to-do that are planned weeks in advance. Can you blame us? It’s the one day a year — no matter what day it is — that is all about you and, being on a small campus, everyone wants in on it. So when a birthday does roll around we all know to throw on our best party dress and merry spirit.

This Fashionista, caught on the way to her friend’s twentieth birthday bash, definitely got the memo. While she fits the bill perfectly with her eye-catching royal blue bustier dress, it is the integrated polka-dotted sleeves that add a spark of festivity and originality. She keeps the outfit from becoming over-the-top by opting for sensible party-hopping wedges, minimal hairstyling and makeup.

One Simple Change: This outfit is a perfect one to wear to events like Homecoming. I would simply recommend substituting the sensible wedges for a pair of these amazing cobalt blue Paisley Platform pumps and putting on a pair of Cross Hatch Fringe earrings by Rebecca Minkoff. I would also opt for a timeless and majorly sophisticated high ponytail, a simple cat-eye and a swipe of some MAC Candy Yum-Yum lipstick.

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