WHAT TO WEAR: Birthday Party

When I was little, I used to absolutely adore birthday parties—mostly because that meant I was able to play dress-up in public. Of course, old pictures tell a much different story than the one my sugar-high, five-year-old self remembers. I mixed wedding dresses with Cinderella’s slippers and a black choker necklace from Claire’s. It was a rough time for everybody.

Now, dressing up for birthday parties can be just as fun, sans poly-blends and clear footwear. This Fashionista shows just how to do it. She tucked a breezy white top into her shorts, which is always a no-fail way to pull a look together. Try a lacy shell on top for a little added texture. Dressy shorts are everywhere again this season, perfect for the hot-blooded Fashionista. Her pair in a staple navy and white polka-dot is a good first investment to make in the cool short-shorts department. If you feel like getting really crazy, try a pair in a fun floral print.

This Fashionista nailed the total look with a staple completer piece: a blazer. This linen blend is great for summer. It brings the style without adding any extra heat. I love the bright pink contrast with the other neutrals of her outfit. She completed the outfit with simple flats and a go-to bag.

One Simple Change: Dressy shorts are fun for birthday parties and other casual activities, but they are not always fit for office spaces. Make this outfit internship-ready by swapping out the printed short-shorts for a still-cool pair of Moroccan-inspired flowy trousers.

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