The idea of brunch is so picture-esque: Wake up on an easy Sunday morning, roll out of bed and stroll up to a fabulous old-timey diner spot where the waitress already knows your order and exactly how you take your coffee. As Sex and The City that perfect picture may feel, to a 20-something college student, we know a mid-morning brunch is anything but fabulous.

I would be more than thrilled if my friends ditched the exciting rooftop brunch in favor of sitting in my cozy apartment with some pancakes, still clad in comfy pajamas. Unfortunately, things don’t always go my way. This Fashionista is the perfect of example of what to rock when those ratty sweats simply won’t cut it. The highlight of this outfit is definitely those uber-trendy pair of PJ-inspired pants. The satin material makes them feel dressy, but the loose fit and drawstring waist makes them feel just as comfortable as those Saturday night sweats. This Fashionista chose a pair in a neutral gray, which is a cool staple to refresh your wardrobe. If you’re feeling adventurous, try this pair in cool blue pinstripe.

This Fashionista kept the rest of this outfit simple and Sunday morning friendly. She paired her staple pants with a simple white tank, but it’s subtle detailing makes it dressy enough for brunch. Her simple black sandals and black bag are probably already in your closet—just throw them on and you’re out the door.

One Simple Change: This outfit is perfect for the lazy cool girl, but it is also fit for a presentation. Swap out the sandals in favor of close-toed booties, and throw on a cropped blazer for a more professional spin.

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