Summer is the best season to play catch-up with your family and friends and going out for brunch is a great way to do so. I spotted this Fashionista during an early afternoon bite to eat with her girlfriends and couldn’t help but give her kudos for her stylish yet simple outfit. This Fashionista highlights how layers and simple accessories can go a long way.

Because the weather and even restaurant thermostats can play tricks on us, layers give Fashionistas/os stylish convertibility. This Fashionista paired a light scarf and denim jacket with her T-shirt and shorts. Whether you’re dining inside a chilly booth or out with the summer breeze, a jacket or cardigan will always have your back — literally. The best part of incorporating layers into your outfit is the ability to go from cozy to cool simply and fashionably.

Brunch is a casual occasion, so be cautious not to go overboard with the glitz and glam. This Fashionista’s simple accessories act as the cherry on top of her casual outfit. Her light scarf, chunky ring and flashy nail polish are great examples of simple accessories that could make your outfit go from ordinary to trendy. Note: this Fashionista’s color scheme is also exemplary of maintaining a chic status. Her hot pink nail polish and cream scarf contrasts her earthy-toned outfit perfectly.

One Simple Change: Add a pair of small wedges and transform this outfit from friendly to flirty. Whether it’s dinner for two or a trip to the drive-in, take this layered, simple look on any casual date night.

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