Ahhh, brunch. One can enjoy a selection of cereal, eggs, bagels and pizza, pasta and burgers, all at once and at an hour that does not make one question the legality and ethicality of requiring people to be awake. Could there be a more perfect meal? I think not.

For an early morning breakfast, it is completely appropriate to bum out. I would not bat an eyelash at a zombie-fied student at the main dining hall at 7 a.m. who is very clearly rocking their pajamas, just trying to survive long enough to make it to the coffee station. Part of the reason I wouldn’t bat an eyelash is because I would be in my bed off in dreamland somewhere, but that’s beside the point.

By the time brunch rolls around, you have probably had time to get a good night’s rest and to carry out your typical morning routine so your pajamas are a bit less acceptable, even if they’re fabulous. Sorry.

Luckily, just because you’re not bumming out does mean that you have to spend hours getting ready to look like you just stepped off a runway. After all, brunch is still just food, not fashion week. Your look should exude an effortless simplicity, as does the outfit of this week’s Fashionista.

If you break down this Fashionista’s outfit, you see it is quite simple: tank top blouse, skirt and flats. Although simple, the detailing and the styling of the items prevent the look from being boring and turn it into an adorable ensemble. Beginning with a nude blouse and shoes, she adds a kelly green skirt to avoid monotony and embolden the look as a whole. The miniature top-stich pleats under the collar give the blouse distinction and the elastic waist of the skirt gives structure to the look as a whole. She pulls all her accessories together with gold earrings, a simple gold necklace, her favorite Michael Kors watch and the gold detailing on her shoes.

To rock this look, begin with a nude blouse and nude shoes. Add your favorite boldly colored skirt and matching accessories and you’re all set.

One Simple Change: Ship out the skirt and fly in a pair of colorful trousers for a look that is perfect for an internship.

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