If there were a petition to rename Sunday to Brunchday, I would sign my name would be at the top of the list. For me, Sunday morning has almost always been about french toast, black iced coffee, omelets and bottomless mimosas with my girlfriends. As much as I often dread the first day of the week for its inevitable reminder of the Monday that is to come, I always look forward to that weekly brunch and gossip session. It can be tough to get out of bed, but a nice brunch can really kickstart the rest of your day, not to mention your metabolism. A chance to recap your weekend and share those wild stories, a weekly get-together over breakfast can really tighten the bond between you and your girls.

Whether you’re headed to Chinatown for some yummy dim sum or to the Upper East Side for a more French infused breakfast, a cute and trendy brunch outfit should always be on the menu. After a wild weekend out on the town or a more humble weekend at the beach, most Fashionistas find themselves a bit exhausted by the time they reach Sunday morning. That being said, a comfortable, cool outfit and a great pair of sunglasses are a must have. Brunch attire is about staying casual enough for a day of lounging without completely bumming it at the table. Find your balance with a simple and relaxed ensemble that still makes a style statement.

This Fashionista stays current and comfortable enough for brunch in her vintage graphic tee and a pair of slouchy, draped pants. Her circular shades complete her edgy look. The trendy sunglasses and cross-body bag keep her outfit from becoming too grungy, adding girly accents to her look.

One Simple Change:  Put away the pants, wrap your best ballerina bun and throw on some crocheted shorts for a sweet heat wave look.

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