Brunch. Delicious, yes, but also the result of our society’s love for lumping two words together to form a mega word, otherwise known as a portmanteau (I did extensive research on this, guys). Portmanteaus are popular within the celebrity world, with the likes of Bennifer and the subsequent Brangelina, and have also infiltrated the fashion world in the form of jeggings. I spotted this Fashionista whose outfit is perfect for brunch. After all, you are dressing for two meals.

Brunch is a late-sleeper’s dream because you don’t have to wake up at an ungodly hour for food. It is generally a fairly casual affair but it’s still nice to look stylish; this Fashionista exhibits this by wearing an outfit that is informal, yet well put together.

I love how her green top looks simple in the front while the back gets a little more interesting with a row of buttons. For a similar look, try this printed green tank with gold buttons down the back. A nice aspect of her floral shorts is the drawstring; this allows for stretch and avoids any embarrassing button popping from an expanding stomach. While these shorts from Urban Outfitters don’t have a drawstring, they achieve the same effect with their stretchy waistband.

This Fashionista finished her outfit with complementary accessories: a pair of yellow sandals (to replicate, check out these sandals from Barneys), a large printed tote (effective in stowing take-away bags for later) and some oversized sunglasses.

If summer were an outfit, it would be this. From her floral print shorts to her bright green top to her sunny sandals, her outfit is perfect for sitting outside on a patio soaking up the rays while enjoying a scrumptious frittata or a savory crepe.

One Simple Change: Swap sandals for some cute heels or wedges and this outfit transforms into one perfect for a summer date!

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